How To Play

What is Vijayi Bhawa?

Vijayi Bhawa is a Game of Skill wherein a user creates a team of real players for an upcoming match and competes with other users for real cash prizes, bonuses & other great prizes.

Your team earns points based on your players’ performances in the real-life match, so make sure you make the right choices!

1. Select A Match

Vijayi Bhawa currently hosts Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football. Simply select an upcoming match you wish to participate in while keeping the match deadline in mind.


2. Create Your Teams

Use your sports knowledge to pick a team that’s within the budget of 100 credits Pick who you think will garner the most points for the selected match.

You can join with upto 10 teams for every match, so make sure to have different combinations in every team to increase your chances of winning.


What are credits?

Credits are allotted as per the performance and experience of players. Essentially, Credits are the cost of a player. An in-form star player will have more credits whereas inexperienced, non-regular players will have less credits.

What are Fantasy Points?

Fantasy Points are earned by real-life players on the basis of their performances in a match.

For example, players earn points for scoring runs, taking wickets, etc. (cricket), scoring goals, making assists, etc. (football) and similar actions for other sports

You can check out the Fantasy Points System under each sport for more details.

Can I edit my team after I create it?

You can edit your team as many times as you like before the match deadline.

3. Join Contests

Many different contest formats are available to join on Vijayi Bhawa. You can choose between free & paid contests, or create your own Private Contest with your friends and rivals alike! You can filter & sort the contests by Entry Fees, Prize Pool, Number of Teams & Style of Play. Choose the right contest to increase your chances of winning.


4. Follow The Match

Once a match is live, you can follow your contests leaderboards to see how you’re performing against your competition. You can use the Group-Chat feature to chat with your competition in real time & stay up to date with the shenanigans.


Withdrawing your winning amount

Once a match finishes & you have won a contest, then your contest winnings are transferred to your Vijayi Bhawa account. You can use the winnings to either join more contests, or withdraw them into your verified account!

You’re now ready to get started with your Fantasy Sports journey on Vijayi Bhawa!

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