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You earn a formidable percentage of everything your players spend for as long as they play Vijayi Bhawa!


Simple to Understand Policies

Our affiliate policies are simple to comprehend and make sense. There aren’t any restrictions in terms of your profits and all policies are easy to follow.


Expert Helpdesk

Be it from our in-house Affiliate helpdesk or our growing range of affiliates, You’ll always find the help you need.


Tons of Promotions

There’s always something new going on at the Vijayi Bhawa camp With new promotions being pushed out every week, you’ll always have something new & fresh to tell your audience about

Join The Fastest Growing Fantasy Gaming program

Vijayi Bhawa is taking Fantasy Gaming to the next level in the country by offering a thrilling & innovative experience to all it’s users. Our team is hard at work, making sure to excel at Customer Support & community building, both being very important factors to add to our affiliates earnings.

Rest assured, you can be confident that Vijayi Bhawa takes good care of the people you introduce to us.


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